SIT Distribution FZCO is a leading mobility distributor and member company of SIT Holdings. The SIT Holdings Group also includes our sister company SIT Distraibution LLC.

We are excited to invite, new to experience the most advantageous mobility distribution with SIT. With our superbly-connected workforce in the Gulf region, SIT offers you the holistic combination of marketing and distribution experience, technical and Gulf-wide reach.

SIT is a UAE based company, with our suite of offices in Dubai Free Zone Authority (DFZA), Jebel Ali, and Gold and Diamond park, Dubai, which gives us a broad regional footprint in both market experience and physical distribution.

SIT achieved ISO certification in 2010-2011 and we continue to adhere to those same standards of excellence, distinguishing ourselves in our work. With our combined experience of over a hundred years in IT solutions, wireless data devices and Smartphone technologies, we provide a fresh boost to your sales and your marketing strategies. An undisputed knowledge leader, our consultancy and offers, ensure that your business will benefit. We stay on top of the game with constant research, innovative bundling, our undeterred belief and investment in human capital, and the ambitious drive to learn cutting-edge technologies from all over the world.

When you partner with SIT, you grow as we grow. Upwards and with consistent speed.


To always adhere to the virtues of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence.

  • Our mission is to be a people-centric company.
  • Our solutions are to be powered by the knowledge value held by our people.
  • Our corporate philosophy to be one of mutual investment and fostering long-term career growth.


Our vision is to continue as leaders in mobility solutions with custom-designed solutions for our clients.


Partnering with SIT will give you several advantages.

1) SIT is a comprehensive solution, from identification of opportunity to sales strategy and value propositions. We create a bespoke formula so that your product growth matches your vision.

2) Not only did we deliver custom solutions for Huawei, Hisense and Samsung in the Gulf Region, but we also had the privilege of being the first distributor to:

  • Launch Android as a software, in this region and provide training to our partners and vendors in its usage.
  • Create a bundle offer with Operator branding
  • Launch the first Android powered phone with an operator in KSA
  • Launch the first Android powered phone with an operator in the UAE
  • Create exclusive retailer branded box bundles throughout the region.

3) A key SIT strength is the concept of lifelong education. The drive to innovate comes from not just our co-workers and partners, but also from investing time and resources in quality upgrades of systems and processes.

4) We work with the latest and the best software for our finance and sales departments, ensuring superior quality and excellent results. All our software is created and developed in-house, with the best technology and superior minds working on it.

5) One of our most valued and unique approaches is our mobile invoicing system. Creating invoices at the point of sale reduces time lag and cost. This innovative deployment maximises convenience and benefit to our partners.

6) Our financial independence, healthy balance sheet and transparent audits also make us a trustworthy organisation for our clients.

7) Our approach to business is customer-centric, target-oriented and flexibly responsive to the markets we serve.

8) Our regional knowledge of marketing, technology and consumer needs is second to none and this enables us to advise our reseller partners to formulate innovative bundling and up-selling strategies.


SIT believes in constant innovation and investment in business tools that improve performance. We employ the latest inventory-management software. Our experience and ground knowledge enables our clients to intelligently maximise their sales, and ultimately facilitates optimal customer service. As a company philosophy, we hold that in high esteem.


SIT is an inherently strong and perennial organisation because of its roots in financial independence. We are privately funded and retain financial flexibility to adjust to a market that is both, stable and in flux. Our transparency and integrity is reflected in our choice of business partners. We are audited by the international accounting firm Ernst and Young. Our legal requirements are thoroughly vetted by Al Tamimi, a prestigious regional Dubai law firm. Our credit history is spotless, strong and characterised by prompt and full payment to our suppliers and business partners. We strictly adhere to the processes and sound financial principles laid down by the company management, resulting in financial health and savings which we pass on to our clients and partners.


To maintain leadership in the business of mobility distribution and IT solutions, we have espoused our ‘anytime, anywhere’ motto for logistics infrastructure, as well. We have a spectrum of products and clients across the Middle East, and for this, we rely greatly on the expertise of our logistics team. Our experienced personnel, support teams and administration ensure that door-to-door delivery is as seamless as it sounds. We offer same-day delivery in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We also own our fleet of vehicles for maintaining smooth and timely delivery. What’s more, our modern Mobile Invoicing System brings the POS right to your doorstep.

Additionally, we partner with only the best logistics providers in the region, who understand the high value we place on time, quality and communication. This partnership also assures our clients of the best competitive rates and services. We highlight ease of business through our single point approach. Simply put, we are the single point of contact for all commercial, technical and supply-chain based requirements. This allows our clients to streamline and optimise their distribution strategies.

Some of our niche services include Product Customisation, Packaging and Bundling. We are known for our outstanding bundling and packaging ideas. Our customers know that when they desire maximum end value to their customer, SIT is the ideal option for bundling and packaging knowledge. This directly benefits a) brands who are looking to expand across the retail map b) Resellers offering variously sourced brands c) Service Centres. We have also been instrumental in providing training in this region on how to use Android software devices.


Our core functions include: Key Account Management, Customer Relationship Management, Life Cycle Management, Channel Stock Management, Channel-Centric Approach and Bundling.

A single point of contact is crucial for excellence in customer service. Our Key Account Management Team understands the product relevance, market growth, competition and objectives that our clients represent, and acts in accordance with that information. We assign Dedicated Account Managers to each client, to fully serve, inform and advise them on matters relevant to their business. These Managers act as consultants and strategic partners, in enhancing the clients’ business, as well as identifying new opportunities for growth.

We believe that fulfilling long-term relationships are only possible when there is trust between the parties. Our Relationship Management Team solidifies customer relationships by consistently understanding their changing needs, and addressing them with cost and time efficiency. Our Relationship Managers are well-versed in market dynamics, delivering additional value in terms of business and social needs, and resolving situations at a nascent stage. Echoing the company philosophy of integrity, respect, teamwork and excellence, we make sure that the team serving the client takes them from strength to strength.

Consistent improvement and innovation in our systems and processes, enables us to successfully manage the total life cycle of our products and services. This, in turn, enhances business and also creates new social and environmental opportunities. Intelligent market analytics, proactive business planning and responsive problem-solving, all lead to success for our clients, in sustainable practices and production growth.

Our foremost goal for our clients and partners is to ensure a seamlessly productive and consistently healthy supply chain. Our signature hands-on, personalised and responsive approach to stock management has completely replaced a more conventional distribution approach. We deploy our considerable expertise in multiple areas such as inventory control, sales forecasts, sales and purchasing, partial deliveries and despatches, fluctuations in demand and emerging trends. Using the latest software automation, for collecting accurate channel inventory, data makes us a leader in best practices for channel stock management.

Our leading position in the mobility distribution is partly attributed to our sterling channel partnerships. We share a synergistic and growth-oriented relationship that builds on each other’s success. Our channel-centric framework is based on retailers, resellers, telecom operators and travel retailers. Our unfailing support and co-operation with them is what ultimately leads to growth across all channels.

Simply put, we understand the power of attraction to the right offer. Our sales teams design intelligent bundling offers for our clients and provide unbeatable value-added propositions and loyalty benefits for their consumers. Tapping the market pulse, offering billing and servicing advantages, and comprehensive marketing support, we ensure that our clients maintain their competitive edge.


Our core functions include: Field Research, Branding Opportunities, Collateral Development, POS Deployment, Promotions & Merchandise Management, Reward Management, Training, Road Shows and Retail & Trade Events.

To be a leader, we find it critical to have our ear to the ground. We regularly conduct field research activities such as surveys, questionnaires, mystery shopping and personal interviews. These assist in enlightening us about consumer needs, expectations, product performances, feedback and any other important targeted information. This information is then shared with our clients and partners, in order to modify systems and product offers to stay relevant in the prevailing market scenario.

Branding opportunities when utilised optimally, can mean the difference between being number one and being the rest. Capitalising on the right branding opportunity can ensure that you stay ahead in the game. We cooperate with channel partners and clients to identify the newest brand-appropriate opportunities, which maximise the brand’s potential and engage customers in a beneficial manner.

To optimise sales, we often undertake to partner our clients in designing and developing collateral packages. These include product data sheets, brochures, visual aids and billboards. We offer marketing and strategic support to the product marketing and business development teams.

Our GCC market experience has given us comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) knowledge; a benefit which is appreciated by our clients. We assist clients in creating business strategies and consult on multifarious POS solutions. Our aim is to help clients increase sales and reduce expense. To this end, our unique Mobile Invoicing System with our intelligently-equipped vans add to the ease of business.

To further assist our client’s objectives, we have organised promotions across the GCC. Our Merchandising Managers employ best practices to create advantageous windows of visibility and leverage for gain. Our Merchandise Management Teams are well-equipped to advise on product mixes, ideal shelf allocation and inventory purchase planning.

The right sort of reward management can actually bring in more rewards. Knowing this, we help clients design Reward Management schemes across the GCC. Our solutions increase employee engagement, motivation and responsibility. Unlocking the right opportunities, growth through incentives, achieving targets and performance appraisal are some of the value-adds that we offer, going above and beyond our core distributor function.

Training is seminal to sustained growth, customer service and excellence. We take our own advice very seriously and use this valuable belief as a tool towards improvement of employee morale, understanding, skills development and better overall performance. Product knowledge and customer service are a natural pair and we offer these courses through our experienced and highly qualified teams.

Road shows are an intelligent business tool that provides many advantages, such as remote audience access, direct engagement and brand recall. We offer our knowledge and support to clients for road show planning, execution, strategy implementation, road show know-how, marketing support and on-ground participation.

Our presence is well-documented at retail and industry events in the GCC, either independently or in association with our partners and clients. These events provide useful opportunities for new product launches and demos, networking and sales generation, as well as simply increasing goodwill and learning, through meeting with associates, industry peers and interested audiences.


SIT has valuable experience in service capabilities. Being a distributor for high-end mobile devices like HTC, Samsung and Huawei, we understand that after-sales support is as important as handling sales and distribution. We have dealt with all aspects such as warranty service, repair and software upgrade, as well as provide board or component level repair. We are experienced in rendering services such as troubleshooting software, repairing or replacing defective parts. This reflects our company philosophy and our complete commitment to our client in giving them a complete, superior customer experience.