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About Us

SIT Distribution FZCO is a leading mobility distributor and member company of SIT Holdings. The SIT Holdings Group also includes our sister company SIT Distraibution LLC.

We are excited to invite, new to experience the most advantageous mobility distribution with SIT. With our superbly-connected workforce in the Gulf region, SIT offers you the holistic combination of marketing and distribution experience, technical and Gulf-wide reach. SIT is a UAE based company, with our suite of offices in Dubai Free Zone Authority (DFZA), Jebel Ali, and Gold and Diamond park, Dubai, which gives us a broad regional footprint in both market experience and physical distribution.

SIT achieved ISO certification in 2010-2011 and we continue to adhere to those same standards of excellence, distinguishing ourselves in our work. With our combined experience of over a hundred years in IT solutions, wireless data devices and Smartphone technologies, we provide a fresh boost to your sales and your marketing strategies. An undisputed knowledge leader, our consultancy and offers, ensure that your business will benefit. We stay on top of the game with constant research, innovative bundling, our undeterred belief and investment in human capital, and the ambitious drive to learn cutting-edge technologies from all over the world.

When you partner with SIT, you grow as we grow. Upwards and with consistent speed.


To always adhere to the virtues of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence.

  • Our mission is to be a people-centric company.
  • Our solutions are to be powered by the knowledge value held by our people.
  • Our corporate philosophy to be one of mutual investment and fostering long-term career growth.


Our vision is to continue as leaders in mobility solutions with custom-designed solutions for our clients.


Partnering with SIT will give you several advantages.

1) SIT is a comprehensive solution, from identification of opportunity to sales strategy and value propositions. We create a bespoke formula so that your product growth matches your vision.

2) Not only did we deliver custom solutions for Huawei, Hisense and Samsung in the Gulf Region, but we also had the privilege of being the first distributor to:
  • Launch Android as a software, in this region and provide training to our partners and vendors in its usage.
  • Create a bundle offer with Operator branding
  • Launch the first Android powered phone with an operator in KSA
  • Launch the first Android powered phone with an operator in the UAE
  • Create exclusive retailer branded box bundles throughout the region.
3) A key SIT strength is the concept of lifelong education. The drive to innovate comes from not just our co-workers and partners, but also from investing time and resources in quality upgrades of systems and processes.

4) We work with the latest and the best software for our finance and sales departments, ensuring superior quality and excellent results. All our software is created and developed in-house, with the best technology and superior minds working on it.

5) One of our most valued and unique approaches is our mobile invoicing system. Creating invoices at the point of sale reduces time lag and cost. This innovative deployment maximises convenience and benefit to our partners.

6) Our financial independence, healthy balance sheet and transparent audits also make us a trustworthy organisation for our clients.

7) Our approach to business is customer-centric, target-oriented and flexibly responsive to the markets we serve.

8) Our regional knowledge of marketing, technology and consumer needs is second to none and this enables us to advise our reseller partners to formulate innovative bundling and up-selling strategies.

SIT believes in constant innovation and investment in business tools that improve performance. We employ the latest inventory-management software. Our experience and ground knowledge enables our clients to intelligently maximise their sales, and ultimately facilitates optimal customer service. As a company philosophy, we hold that in high esteem.


SIT is an inherently strong and perennial organisation because of its roots in financial independence. We are privately funded and retain financial flexibility to adjust to a market that is both, stable and in flux. Our transparency and integrity is reflected in our choice of business partners. We are audited by the international accounting firm Ernst and Young. Our legal requirements are thoroughly vetted by Al Tamimi, a prestigious regional Dubai law firm. Our credit history is spotless, strong and characterised by prompt and full payment to our suppliers and business partners. We strictly adhere to the processes and sound financial principles laid down by the company management, resulting in financial health and savings which we pass on to our clients and partners.


To maintain leadership in the business of mobility distribution and IT solutions, we have espoused our ‘anytime, anywhere’ motto for logistics infrastructure, as well. We have a spectrum of products and clients across the Middle East, and for this, we rely greatly on the expertise of our logistics team. Our experienced personnel, support teams and administration ensure that door-to-door delivery is as seamless as it sounds. We offer same-day delivery in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We also own our fleet of vehicles for maintaining smooth and timely delivery. What’s more, our modern Mobile Invoicing System brings the POS right to your doorstep.

Additionally, we partner with only the best logistics providers in the region, who understand the high value we place on time, quality and communication. This partnership also assures our clients of the best competitive rates and services. We highlight ease of business through our single point approach. Simply put, we are the single point of contact for all commercial, technical and supply-chain based requirements. This allows our clients to streamline and optimise their distribution strategies. Some of our niche services include Product Customisation, Packaging and Bundling. We are known for our outstanding bundling and packaging ideas. Our customers know that when they desire maximum end value to their customer, SIT is the ideal option for bundling and packaging knowledge. This directly benefits a) brands who are looking to expand across the retail map b) Resellers offering variously sourced brands c) Service Centres. We have also been instrumental in providing training in this region on how to use Android software devices.

Our core functions include: Key Account Management, Customer Relationship Management, Life Cycle Management, Channel Stock Management, Channel-Centric Approach and Bundling.

A single point of contact is crucial for excellence in customer service. Our Key Account Management Team understands the product relevance, market growth, competition and objectives that our clients represent, and acts in accordance with that information. We assign Dedicated Account Managers to each client, to fully serve, inform and advise them on matters relevant to their business. These Managers act as consultants and strategic partners, in enhancing the clients’ business, as well as identifying new opportunities for growth.

We believe that fulfilling long-term relationships are only possible when there is trust between the parties. Our Relationship Management Team solidifies customer relationships by consistently understanding their changing needs, and addressing them with cost and time efficiency. Our Relationship Managers are well-versed in market dynamics, delivering additional value in terms of business and social needs, and resolving situations at a nascent stage. Echoing the company philosophy of integrity, respect, teamwork and excellence, we make sure that the team serving the client takes them from strength to strength.

Consistent improvement and innovation in our systems and processes, enables us to successfully manage the total life cycle of our products and services. This, in turn, enhances business and also creates new social and environmental opportunities. Intelligent market analytics, proactive business planning and responsive problem-solving, all lead to success for our clients, in sustainable practices and production growth.

Our foremost goal for our clients and partners is to ensure a seamlessly productive and consistently healthy supply chain. Our signature hands-on, personalised and responsive approach to stock management has completely replaced a more conventional distribution approach. We deploy our considerable expertise in multiple areas such as inventory control, sales forecasts, sales and purchasing, partial deliveries and despatches, fluctuations in demand and emerging trends. Using the latest software automation, for collecting accurate channel inventory, data makes us a leader in best practices for channel stock management.

Our leading position in the mobility distribution is partly attributed to our sterling channel partnerships. We share a synergistic and growth-oriented relationship that builds on each other’s success. Our channel-centric framework is based on retailers, resellers, telecom operators and travel retailers. Our unfailing support and co-operation with them is what ultimately leads to growth across all channels.

Simply put, we understand the power of attraction to the right offer. Our sales teams design intelligent bundling offers for our clients and provide unbeatable value-added propositions and loyalty benefits for their consumers. Tapping the market pulse, offering billing and servicing advantages, and comprehensive marketing support, we ensure that our clients maintain their competitive edge.


Our core functions include: Field Research, Branding Opportunities, Collateral Development, POS Deployment, Promotions & Merchandise Management, Reward Management, Training, Road Shows and Retail & Trade Events.

To be a leader, we find it critical to have our ear to the ground. We regularly conduct field research activities such as surveys, questionnaires, mystery shopping and personal interviews. These assist in enlightening us about consumer needs, expectations, product performances, feedback and any other important targeted information. This information is then shared with our clients and partners, in order to modify systems and product offers to stay relevant in the prevailing market scenario.

Branding opportunities when utilised optimally, can mean the difference between being number one and being the rest. Capitalising on the right branding opportunity can ensure that you stay ahead in the game. We cooperate with channel partners and clients to identify the newest brand-appropriate opportunities, which maximise the brand’s potential and engage customers in a beneficial manner.

To optimise sales, we often undertake to partner our clients in designing and developing collateral packages. These include product data sheets, brochures, visual aids and billboards. We offer marketing and strategic support to the product marketing and business development teams.

Our GCC market experience has given us comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) knowledge; a benefit which is appreciated by our clients. We assist clients in creating business strategies and consult on multifarious POS solutions. Our aim is to help clients increase sales and reduce expense. To this end, our unique Mobile Invoicing System with our intelligently-equipped vans add to the ease of business.

To further assist our client’s objectives, we have organised promotions across the GCC. Our Merchandising Managers employ best practices to create advantageous windows of visibility and leverage for gain. Our Merchandise Management Teams are well-equipped to advise on product mixes, ideal shelf allocation and inventory purchase planning.

The right sort of reward management can actually bring in more rewards. Knowing this, we help clients design Reward Management schemes across the GCC. Our solutions increase employee engagement, motivation and responsibility. Unlocking the right opportunities, growth through incentives, achieving targets and performance appraisal are some of the value-adds that we offer, going above and beyond our core distributor function.

Training is seminal to sustained growth, customer service and excellence. We take our own advice very seriously and use this valuable belief as a tool towards improvement of employee morale, understanding, skills development and better overall performance. Product knowledge and customer service are a natural pair and we offer these courses through our experienced and highly qualified teams.

Road shows are an intelligent business tool that provides many advantages, such as remote audience access, direct engagement and brand recall. We offer our knowledge and support to clients for road show planning, execution, strategy implementation, road show know-how, marketing support and on-ground participation.

Our presence is well-documented at retail and industry events in the GCC, either independently or in association with our partners and clients. These events provide useful opportunities for new product launches and demos, networking and sales generation, as well as simply increasing goodwill and learning, through meeting with associates, industry peers and interested audiences.


SIT has valuable experience in service capabilities. Being a distributor for high-end mobile devices like HTC, Samsung and Huawei, we understand that after-sales support is as important as handling sales and distribution. We have dealt with all aspects such as warranty service, repair and software upgrade, as well as provide board or component level repair. We are experienced in rendering services such as troubleshooting software, repairing or replacing defective parts. This reflects our company philosophy and our complete commitment to our client in giving them a complete, superior customer experience.


We are the distributor for brands such as Huawei, Hisense, OCZ Storage Solution, Samsung and other IT & mobility products in the GCC - comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council states of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Being the preferred partner of the global leader in PDAs and smartphones - and backed by our extensive network and proven capabilities - makes us a natural choice for other international manufacturers wanting to establish their mobility products in the burgeoning Middle East markets.


Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Through dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, it has established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields. Huawei are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive ICT solutions and services. Huawei products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world's population. Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. By leveraging our experience and expertise in the ICT sector, helping bridge the digital divide by providing opportunities to enjoy broadband services, regardless of geographic location. Contributing to the sustainable development of society, the economy, and the environment, Huawei creates green solutions that enable customers to reduce power consumption, carbon emissions, and resource costs.



Oracle offers an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies to empower modern business. For most companies, flexibility is critical. Oracle provides a wide choice of software, systems, and cloud deployment models—including public, on-premises, and hybrid clouds—to ensure that technology flexes to the unique needs of a business.

SIT distribution’s partnership with Oracle brings together world class technology solutions with our decade long experience in the in the IT infrastructure business. SITD is the authorized partner to distribute Oracle’s Application, Cloud services, Technology, Hardware and Middleware solutions...Read More



Hisense Mobile is formerly known as Hisense Mobile Communications Research Institute (abbreviated as HMCI), which was founded in June 2000 by the Hisense Group and was one of the first teams focusing on CDMA terminal R&D in China.

Hisense becomes a member of TD-SCDMA Industry Association in Dec 2003 and launches TD-SCDMA prototypes in 2004, contributing to the national communications industry development. May 2005, GSM products were announced.

Hisense Mobile, taking advantage of the strong technical capability and the effective quality control system, successfully provides dozens of quality solutions to domestic and overseas handset OEM vendors, carriers, agents and distributors. The products are sold to South-east Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East Area, South America, and African countries, building up the industry reputation and gaining substantial customer approval. At the same time, Hisense Mobile takes several national level research projects, and in turn improves its own self-developing capabilities.

Acting as an Independent Design House, Hisense Mobile provides complete and one-stop solutions of mobile terminal products for domestic and foreign customers.Hisense Mobile is market oriented and customer centered. Hisense Mobile will keep working on the front lines of global leading wireless technologies, improving design, following the market trend and trying to be the global leading mobile terminal solution supplier.



A Toshiba Group Company is a leading provider of high performance client and enterprise solid-state storage products and enables customers to tackle storage challenges head on while delivering intelligent and optimized approaches to how data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed and leveraged in today’s data-driven era. Our extensive portfolio of leading-edge solid state drives (SSDs) enhance the total computing experience for consumers, while our innovative flash-based hardware and software storage solutions transform enterprise database, email exchange, virtualization, VDI, big data and cloud computing applications into growth opportunities for our customers.



Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2011 consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion. Employing approximately 222,000 people in 205 offices across 71 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LCD. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


In 2006, HTC which manufactured mobile devices for Imate decided to discontinue the arrangement and enter the Middle East with its own brand. At the time of taking the decision, the HTC brand was not well known in the region since they manufactured mobile pc's as an OEM and had not established themselves in the region.

Today SIT is its regional distributor and operates in six GCC countries. HTC's mobile devices are sold primarily through the retail channel. While in UAE, the super retail is the dominant channel, in other countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the independent reseller is also important. SIT delivers to retailers through its own logistic resources as well as through Aramex.

Over the years, even though HTC's mobile phones have changed from standard devices to the current range of Android OS smart phones and even Windows Phones in 2010, there has been no change in the distribution strategy according to Al-Falah. "It is about how we work with our existing partners to enable them to leverage on this growth. What Apple and Android have done is to make this device more of a consumer centric device."

While SIT does negotiate with retailers for shelf space, there are other equally important parameters that it needs to consider with them. "You need to create a unique selling proposition for the product that you are taking, so the retailer can say I will take this product against this product. You have to generate that brand awareness at the retail end. However with Microsoft pitched to aggressively join the regional smartphone landscape in 2012, Al-Falah believes HTC will have to set up direct operations in the region."HTC will have to take more direct role with the number of vendors involved in the product segment, the attention the segment is getting, the number of products coming to the market and the frequency of launches." Al-Falah also looks at it from the retailer's perspective. "At the end of the day it really does not matter who makes it. It is really about what is going out of the door. If it does not leave the shelf the retailer will not stock it." indicating the importance of HTC's direct role in the regional brand building. Another key role that HTC could play with retailers in the region is to keep them abreast of the product road map and the schedule of launches.

Another challenge is the rapidly changing business model for channel partners. With doubling and tripling of growth rates for Android phones and the expected Windows Phone launch, the product segment is fast approaching a volume business.while smartphone product launches are still with price points at the top of the curve, Al-Falah believes that even in such a scenario price alignment for channel partners starts within six weeks of the launch. Margins start reducing and pressure to do more volume starts increasing."This is the same cycle that IT business went through. When people are expecting volume to increase substantially and demand is not catching up, you are going to have pressure. And I think pressure will come down.

SIT Distribution (SITD), one of the leading mobility distributors in the Middle East, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Service Centers from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s quality management system. This certification specifies requirements for quality management system and extends to SITD’s distribution and after-sales support service of mobile communication devices.

The SIT Distribution Service Center was established 12 months ago as part of the company’s expansion plan to provide a comprehensive after-sales support for HTC in the region. The company’s upgrade to secure an efficient approach to quality management and support for its frontline and after sales support was in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The compliance also extends to the distribution and after sales support service for all leading mobile communication devices.>br>

Adnan Al-Falah, Chairman for SIT Distribution, said, “As a distributor for high-end products like HTC smartphone devices, part of our commitment is to meet and improve our customer’s expectation for the services available to them. Receiving the ISO compliance certification is a testimonial to our commitment to provide quality after-sales service to our partners and their customers. Our improved after sales service and quick turnaround times helped us earn the ISO certification”

“Our recent ISO accreditation enables us to measure the quality of our management and services,” said Anthony Yu-Huang Ho, Regional Service Manager for SIT Distribution. “It also keeps track of where our company stands and how we can improve. Through this certification, we aim to continue to maintain quality processes and policy. Our objective is simple: to improve the customer’s satisfaction with our services.” According to Yu-Huang Ho, the company will undergo a half-yearly internal audit to measure improvements as well as ISO’s annual external audit. SIT Distribution’s ISO 9001:2008 certification is crucial to its future expansion plans, particularly to extend its services to other major mobile phone brands. Plans are on track to provide comprehensive coverage through SITD’s service centers across GCC and the Levant.

The SIT Distribution Service Centers currently offers after sales support for HTC smartphone devices that cover warranty service, repair and software upgrade, as well as provide board or component level repair to ensure that all unit are restored to its original condition. Each Service Center is staffed with a trained and certified team; services can range from troubleshooting software to repairing or replacing defective parts. SIT Distribution’s Service Centers are located in Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh and Kuwait.

November 2007

SIT Distribution, the leading regional mobility distributor in the Middle East, today announced that they are teaming up with HTC to participate in CommTel 2007.

The companies plan to use the premier technology event as a platform to showcase their world-class retail mobility products and meet existing and potential customers and partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Vishnu Vardhan, Executive Director, HTC Middle East and North Africa, said, 'We are looking forward to the start of CommTel 2007, as it gives us another opportunity to enhance our brand visibility and image in the high profile Saudi markets. Judging by the impressive response to HTC products, we are confident of establishing a strong presence in this market, especially with the support of reputed distributors like SIT Distribution. CommTel 2007 is certain to prove extremely fruitful for us, as we showcase the capabilities of some of our latest devices.'

CommTel 2007, which caters to technology and communications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, brings together vendors and suppliers of business equipment, mobile phones, IT to name a few and is considered to be the one-stop shop to discover new and innovative products and services.

At the event, SIT Distribution and HTC will be demonstrating the features and benefits and range of HTC's portfolio of products such as the hugely popular HTC Advantage X7500, S710 and P3400 to name a few. SIT Distribution will also be demonstrating its expertise in the field of mobility and technology convergence at the exhibition.

SIT Distribution and HTC will be exhibiting at CommTel 2007, which takes place from 12th - 16th November at the Jeddah Convention Centre. Senior executives and experts from both companies will be present at the event to meet existing and potential customers and partners

July 2008

Axiom Telecom, the region's largest mobile retailer and multi-brand distributor, has today announced a new partnership with SIT Distribution FZCO, HTC's regional distributor.

The partnership will see Axiom retail HTC mobile devices across the UAE. To celebrate the occasion, Axiom customers who purchase a HTC mobile device will go into a weekly draw to win a Joyalukkas diamond necklace.

'Axiom is one of the leading mobile phone retailers in the UAE region,' said Adnan Al-Falah, Chairman, SIT Distribution FZCO. 'Partnering with Axiom is natural, allowing us to reach a greater market of mobile phone users.'

'HTC is committed and constantly delivering, high-performance and innovative handheld products with latest technologies to the region,' said Vishnu Vardhan, Executive Director HTC Middle East & North Africa. 'As HTC continues its regional expansion strategy, with Axiom onboard to sell HTC products in the market, we are certain to significantly increase our product reach in this market through Axiom's fast-growing presence.'

The offer is available on select HTC models. To purchase a HTC mobile device and enter a weekly draw to win a Joyalukkas diamond necklace, simply drop into one of the selected outlets across the UAE.

April 2010

SIT Distribution's after-sales support credentials have been given a massive boost by news that its service centres have received ISO 9001:2008 certification. The international accreditation provides a major endorsement of the quality of SIT's services capabilities, which encompass both the distribution and post-sales support of mobile devices.

SIT's service centres in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait currently offer support for HTC-branded smartphones that cover warranty service, repair and software upgrade, as well as provide board- or component-level repair to ensure units are restored to their original condition.

The centres, which have been opened during the course of the past year, are staffed by a trained and certified team. "As a distributor for high-end products like HTC smartphone devices, our commitment is to meet and improve our customers' expectation for the services available to them," stated Adnan Al-Falah, Chairman of SIT Distribution. "Receiving the ISO compliance certification is a testimonial to our commitment to provide quality after-sales service to our partners and their customers. Our improved after-sales service and quick turnaround times helped us earn the ISO certification," he added. SIT claims the certification is crucial to its future expansion plans, which include extending its services to other major mobile phone brands. It insists plans are on track to provide comprehensive coverage through its service facilities across the GCC and Levant.

Anthony Yu-Huang Ho, Regional Service Manager for SIT Distribution, says the accreditation will also enable the distributor to measure the quality of its management and services. "It keeps track of where our company stands and how we can improve," he explained. "Through this certification, we aim to continue to maintain quality processes and policy. Our objective is simple - to improve the customer's satisfaction with our services." According to Yu-Huang Ho, Dubai-based SIT will undergo a half-yearly internal audit to measure improvements, as well as ISO's annual external audit.

SIT Distribution, the leading mobility distributor of IT,mobility products and accessories,today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. a leading mobile device provider. Under the terms of the agreement, SIT Distribution will distribute Samsung's range of mobile products including feature phones, smartphones and tablets in Bahrain for the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) Channel.

“We are pleased to have Samsung on board.” said Adnan Al-Falah, Chairman, SIT Distribution. “The addition of Samsung to our brand portfolio is very strategic and will greatly enhance our sales revenue and channel reach. With SIT Distribution's wealth of experience in the distribution business, and also its extensive and strong channel network, we are confident of increasing the sales volume for Samsung.”

SIT Distribution aims to strengthen Samsung’s market share by positioning the company’s mobility range strategically within the channel with a high-level of marketing and sales promotions.

Al-Falah continued “We recently expanded our infrastructure within the GCC with in-country offices and service centers. Our strategy is to better our services, turnaround time and apply localized go to market solutions for our partners.” “Samsung’s agreement with SIT Distribution demonstrates its commitment to provide its valued consumers in Bahrain with its latest line-up of innovative and cutting-edge products,” said Ashraf Fawakherji, General Manager, Telecommunications Group, Samsung Gulf Electronics. “SIT Distribution boasts valuable local and regional experience with deep market penetration. Through our partnership, we will be able to further cement Samsung’s leadership position in Bahrain.” SIT Distribution will work with the network operators to increase consumer adoption of Samsung devices through attractive bundling propositions on data plans and complimentary products.

SIT Distribution will launch the Samsung GALAXY Nexus in Bahrain, which will be available through Zain, Viva and Batelco.

SIT Distribution, a mobility and accessory distributor, has entered into a partnership to be the exclusive distributor of Casepower's line of accessories for Apple products across the UAE and Middle East Casepower products are innovative rechargeable cases with a built-in-battery for iPhones and iPads. These cases power up teh iphone and iPad through light-weight, ultra-thin rechargeable battery case which is seamlessly integrated into the protective case. All Casepower products are "MFI certified by Apple" for iPods, iPhones and iPads and are available in attractive colors.

Casepower newly offers innovative bumper case-battery for iPhone users plus many other accessories. Casepower is the permanent power source that doubles the battery time and all the battery devices are made in accordance with Apple standards.

"SIT Distribution is the ideal partner to increase our presence in the UAE and Middle East" said Parlan Fritz, Sales Manager of Casepower. "Casepower is the power and protection iPhone, iPad and iPod users desire in the Middle East markets. SITD's partnership with Casepower is in line with our strategy to align with vendors and introduce innovative products to our network of retailers ," said Cyrus Roche , Marketing Manager of SIT Distribution.

Sit Distribution has offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and walk in service centres located in Dubai, Manama, Kuwait City, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al Khobar. Casepower is a Sweden based brand for Apple accessories.

Ten years ago, the smartphone was so restricted and rarefied that it was deemed a Wall Street icon. About four years ago, it became omnipresent on streets around the world, when a slew of models allowed users to check email. Most contemporary models now allow reading and working with Microsoft Office documents - a new generation of super smart phones feature accoutrements that are more suited to a computer.

By some estimates, global laptop sales are on schedule to outpace the sales of personal computers (PCs). While a vehement lot defend the laptop, it is worth remembering developers of mainframes who scoffed at PCs throughout the 1980s. On the other hand, handheld phones have already surpassed landline phones in many countries. Since more people use phones than computers, is it not logical to ask when smartphones will overtake laptops? The sharp growth of smartphones and the growing number of PC-like features are fuelling a global theory that this bit of tech candy it is becoming the new laptop – a theory is not without reason.

The most ordinary mobile phone offers email as a standard feature. While some require considerable effort to type, most mid-tier models offer QWERTY - the standard computer keyboard. Some smartphone brands offer larger keyboard attachments that connect to the phone. Another standard feature, Bluetooth, not only allows the phone to communicate with other phones and computers quickly and efficiently, but also enables effortless file transfer. Most ISPs offer smartphone subscribers web browsing services for a monthly fee, while sites such as Google and MSN format their pages for easy phone reading.

The biggest threat to the laptop thus far, though is its price. A premium smartphone still costs only about one fourth the price of a premium laptop. Recent developments in the smartphone industry also augur the arrival of a new breed of computer users – people who have never owned a PC. "We are entering a new generation where you will be able to use Windows from the small screen to the biggest screens," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declared when the company demonstrated its Windows OS on ARM chips, the energy-efficient but lower powered architecture that most smartphones are based on.

Cyrus Roche, Marketing Manager at SIT Distribution, clarifies how the phone is just not a phone anymore. “The smartphone is a device for communication, entertainment and news, and for many, it is the first touch point to today’s world. It is not far - fetched to call it a mini-laptop, or even a temporary substitute for one.” SIT is the GCC distributor and service provider for smartphone manufacturers.

Mobility specialist SIT Distribution is vowing to provide greater levels of support to the Kuwaiti retail channel after opening a local office in the country. It is the fourth office that the company has in the region after the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

SIT Distribution, which is best known as an HTC distributor but offers a variety of mobile devices from multiple brands, says the office contains sales and technical functions, and is headed by Nadia Adnan.

“The entity is completely operational and we will gradually build on that moving forward,” explained Adnan Al-Falah,Chairman at SIT. “We are currently debating whether to have a fully-fledged service operation there but that will probably be the route we go. It will mean the rest of the services that we do here, such as promoters and merchandisers, will be available in Kuwait.”

SIT Distribution offers logistical coverage across the entire Middle East and has access to many of the region’s top IT and handset retailers, providing a range of customisation services in addition to product fulfilment.

Al-Falah insists that establishing an office in Kuwait will allow SIT Distribution to pay even more attention to retailers. “There will be local stock available for short-time deliveries and also small quantity deliveries, and we will be doing activities with different retailers on different product lines,” he said.


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SIT Distribution FZCO is a leading mobility distributor in the Middle East, specializing in wireless data devices and accessories. As a pioneer of distributing mobility products in the region, we provide strategic solutions to meet demanding challenges and satisfy an array of clients in various countries. Our company offers challenging yet rewarding career opportunities within our sales, marketing, pre-sales & administration teams. All applicants must be highly motivated, flexible and committed individuals, with the ability to work on their own initiative.

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